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Interview with Danielle Labouleaux

Just for fun, my co-author and I created interviews featuring our main characters from our new book, The Body Hunters.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did coming up with questions and answers.

Maurella Stevens:  Ms. Labouleaux, thank you so much for taking time to interview today!, I have been looking forward to this interview!
Danielle Labouleax: You’re welcome! I’m glad to be here.
MS:  I want to start off by saying that I enjoyed your story very much; I’ll start by asking if you had to pick the one aspect of your personality that stands out, what would it be?
DL:  Oh my, um, I’d say my feistiness!
MS:  And why is that?
DL:  It’s the one part of my personality I enjoy the most, I don’t back down and will fight for what I believe is right.
MS: I can see that in the fight at the dinner with the doctors and their wives, how you handled the emotional aspect of it.
DL: It was very draining. I had to summon all of my energy to do It., the physical fighting and the anger I felt. I’d much rather do all the fun stuff! (laughter)
MS: Oh, you mean like the stakeout with Stone?
DL:  Of course! Who wouldn’t! (more laughter)
MS:  Speaking of Aiden Stone, how is he to work with?
DL: The guy is a clown! but a loveable clown, he starts off irritating but has a way of getting under your skin!  He raises that eye brow and you get a feeling that something naughty is about to happen.
MS:  Was it hard to keep focus with his antics?
DL:  Oh yeah, he is definitely a distractive force in more than one way! But I try to keep level headed about it trying not to leap before I looked.
MS:  You start off with a best friend in New York, Stephania? Why is it we only see her in the beginning and at the end?
DL: Stephania represents the start of my journey. The love I feel and need from this friendship after having lost so much in my life, she’s the breath of fresh air I needed. She encourages me to see a different side of myself.  And at the end, because every girl needs her bff!
MS:  Before we get to Gerard let’s talk about Lucius Johnson. There is something more to the two of you than what’s being said, isn’t there?
DL: Luc? We have a long surprising history; you’ll just have to stay tuned!
MS: So that’s it for him? No other hints?
DL: We worked together before, things happened. Nope can’t tell you anymore than that you’ll have to read the second installment!
MS: Okay then, on to Gerard. Was it love at first sight?
DL: I’d say smitten at first sight, I do believe he loved me and I him, but stars struck our eyes at first! As you will read though, nothing is as it seems with Gerard and me.
MS:  The drama that unfolds had to have taken the two of you to a dark place. Do you feel it left lasting emotional scars?
DL:  How could it not! But that is life; we either get strong or die!
MS:  Do you think at some point you’ll be able to forgive him?
DL:  To those who say to forgive someone, so you can be set free,  well that’s easier said than done. Over time we can all forgive those who didn’t do us right with the advantage of time and space. I can say the words but when I really mean them is another ballgame. I’m just saying.
MS: Out of everyone and everything that happens, who do you hold a soft spot for the most?
DL: Now this will surprise you, but Alejandro Ramirez. He’s so young and full of potential, you feel his dedication and willingness to observe and learn, also his ability to have an open mind. He doesn’t judge. I like that allot in him.
MS: When I interviewed the author Raven Newcastle, she stressed the point that you are not a wilting flower waiting for prince charming. That you are strong, but realize that you are going to need someone. Is that a fair assessment?
DL: Ms. Newcastle is right; I am not just waiting for the night in shining armor! Now don’t get me wrong! I’ll take him! On my own terms of course. Seriously I need a man that is willing to accept me for my strengths and my weaknesses, to bolster each other, not to dominate to feel superior; I think that is what most women want deep down. Love and physical love is great, but we have to be friends too, otherwise it’s just boring!
MS:  Do you feel that the role of women has advanced? Or in some ways has it gone backward in time.
DL: Oh, sure, I read in the 60’s and 70’s women’s liberation movement was necessary. My grandmother and even my mother had to mold to what society told them they could and could not do. The so called American dream was for white men only really. Women of all color and races were held down while being spoon fed lies about in this country you could achieve anything. So I feel that when women were able to move forward and strut their stuff, at the same time that minorities were also fighting back and making strides, it was a great time but a serious struggle for us. It was double barrel for women of color, to have to fight for rights within society and in her own home. So I am a product of that environment. I have to fight my battles and prove I’m strong, that’s what girls need today, we are still being force fed the ideal of what a woman is, from television and print media, but we ourselves are now guilty of it. We allow the images and attitudes to prevail. We are being our own worst enemy now and have the nerve to wonder why the next generation of females are believing the only way to get ahead is to slut it up! But I’m not so hardened that I can’t accept help especially if that help comes from a strong muscled pair of arms and hard body! (laughs) I can say I know what I like and I will go for it!
MS: So we can say Danielle Labouleaux isn’t afraid of being assertive when it comes to sex?
DL: Oh, no! You went there! (laughs) this is embarrassing!  I wouldn’t say assertive though more like borderline aggressive. (more laughter) I know what I like and I’m not afraid to ask for what I want! There’s nothing wrong with that!, I need someone that can keep up with me though! But don’t mistake my being aggressive with anything goes! It ain’t like that! I want the wining and dining, flowers don’t hurt but jewelry is nicer!
MS: Speaking of jewelry! That ring! I particularly found that to be very creepy! Don’t you agree?
DL: Oh yeah of course, not to give too much away. But outside of what happened to me, if it were any other situation I’d find such a piece of jewelry as an endearing act of love. Though can’t say I’d wear it all the time!
MS: Do you mind if we touch on your abilities a bit?
DL:  No go  right ahead.
MS:  You are a psychic, that’s been established. But you call yourself a forensic psychic, what’s the difference?
DL: I call it that because that’s the way I choose to use it, sure there are any number of so called psychics who claim for a price to bring forth loved ones for messages from beyond. Truth is most of our dear departed loved ones, really don’t hang around very long to talk to us, they’ve got better things to do now and leave the earthly living to those of us left to figure out. It amazes me that people clamor for advice and acknowledgement from those departed, but while they were alive, never really sought out or took their advice in the first place. And I look at it this way, if Uncle Joe was a jerk and an idiot in life, why do I want to have him give me guidance now that he’s gone? He was stupid then he’s going to be stupid now! (Laughs). No, I work with the wronged souls. And they aren’t always stuck on earth. They have the ability to go back and forth on this plane and the next. But they are granted time to resolve the wrong done to them, that’s why they will appear years even after their death when others have moved on and do not come forth for loved ones when reading is done. Many of these types of psychics prey on people and have many tricks of the trade to fool someone into believing that mom or dad or any number of close relatives are just ready and waiting to give you messages. It’s sad.
MS: Have you ever been asked to do a reading?
DL:  I’d never do one that was not in the scope of my work.  Now I can say that I have known people even within my own family who have had legitimate readings. But it comes and goes; there is no rhyme or reason to it. I can’t sit a bunch of people down in an audience and just have loved ones come thru, and I doubt many could. Even in my own work, it’s not a given.
MS:  Does that frustrate you when you can’t get a clear vision?
DL:  Oh of course! But over the years I’ve learned to go with the flow, it’s their time now  not ours and they have all the time in the world so to speak! (laughs).
MS: Well Ms. Labouleaux that is all the time I have, I thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to interview you, when Raven Newcastle picked you as a subject I see why she did, you are a delight! Thank you for your time and candor.
DL: Oh, you’re very welcome! Hopefully we can do this again soon!

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