Monday, November 5, 2012

Here's another one of those character interviews that was so much fun!  I hope you enjoy it.  This time we're interviewing our hero, Aiden Stone, featured in our novel, The Body Hunters.
 Maurella Stevens interviews FBI Special Agent Aiden Stone
MS: Aiden Stone, I've been so looking forward to interviewing you!
AS: No problem, Maurella.   You can call me Aiden:
MS: Thank you Aiden.  I noticed in the book you took to calling  Danielle , Nani.
AS: Yes, she hated it at first but it grew on her!
MS: Didn’t she think you were being very forward at first calling her beautiful in Hawaiian?
AS: Yeah but she likes it!
MS: Speaking of what were you thinking when you blurted out “the” statement to her.
AS: Honestly, I don’t know, my mouth took over my brain, I had no other good reason to keep her in Dallas, I panicked and I said what I said.
MS: But you know what they say about stressful utterances, in the heat of the moment comments?
AS: No Maurella, please educate me!
MS: That when you utter something out of fear, passion, or stress it tends to be the truth. Was it Aiden?
AS: Um, well you may have got me there!  Of course by that point I felt something strong for Danny, and I know she  felt it for me!  She was walking back into a hornet's nest and I just didn’t want to see her hurt. I knew it could be explosive.
MS: And it was wasn’t it?
AS: Well, yeah! I was right! But I certainly couldn’t take any pleasure in being right; I had to face the fact that I had also with held information and that put her in danger in the first place.
MS: Was it a case of too little to late?
AS: Yes and of course Lucius getting in the way.
MS: Ah, yes Lucius, let’s talk about him a bit.
AS: Forget about the King of the Vampires.   I’d rather talk about you!
MS: Aiden! I see you never quite stop flirting!
AS: Just one of the things the ladies love about me!
MS: Back to Lucius if you don’t mind! He never really quite believed you . You had a major fight with him about Danny’s safety why do you think he reacted the way he did.
AS: He has his own agenda, and unfortunately no one is clear what that is! He acts like her father sometimes. Just because he was her dad's old partner, he’s really not that much older than her. Or me for that matter.
MS: Not a Braddah huh!
AS: Nope not a Brah! Look at you speaking my language! I see I'm leaving an impression on you!
MS: Ok Aiden, let’s not get carried away!
AS: Well you’re the one with the ticket to the gun show! (Aiden flexes his arm muscles)
MS: You are incorrigible!
AS: I believe Danny called me a jackass!
MS: I don’t know if I’d go that far just yet! But you also have your soft side too, you held real emotion for the women being killed and for Danny's feelings when things got heavy
AS: Well of course, there's a time and place for everything.  I may joke around but I know when its time  to be serious.
MS:  Do you feel it brought you two closer?
AS: Look what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and a shared harrowing experience is going to bring any two people closer. I would like to think that it did anyway
MS. Now we know you are psychic, that’s not a secret. Do you feel its hindered you any or have you come to accept who you are now?
AS: With Danny’s help I have been able to not only accept my gift, but expand on it and control it. At first I didn’t want it.  I thought I was nuts you know? Now I understand there are things that cant be explained and to use the gift for the betterment of others.
MS: Good philosophy!
AS: Now don’t get me wrong .  You've got to have great investigative skills and do a lot of leg work.   Cases just don’t solve themselves because I've got this gift so to speak. It doesn't work that way. There are still a lot of  forensics involved and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.
MS: Yes I can imagine!
AS: But I always make room for play! Can’t be work all the time! 
MS: That brings me to your reputation as a ladies’ man, you are quite the player!  Has that changed now?
AS: Let me take you to dinner and you tell me!
MS: Sure, can my husband come too?
AS: Husband? Ugh! Look of course I have feelings for Danielle, more than I want to admit. But you’ll have to stay tuned.

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