Monday, October 29, 2012

On Friday, October 26, 2012 at about 7:00 in the morning, my writing buddy and I embarked on an excellent adventure by finally publishing our book: The Body Hunters by Raven Newcastle.  It seems surreal, that the story we've been poring over for the last few months has been birthed into the real world, no longer a collection of 1's and 0's saved in our computers' hard drives.

My writing buddy and I are co-workers.  Just by chance, another co-worker was discussing a story she was working on and my buddy happened to mention this story concept she had.  I in the mean time was 'ear hustling' listening to them talk about these stories they had in mind.  Being an avid reader and the type who always has a story in my head and just never put it on paper, I jumped right in and offered to help my friend with her story.  I don't think she took me seriously, but over the next few weeks we had a draft outline of where we wanted to go.  A month later we had an entire mythology featuring the characters we created.  Like giddy teenage girls we were sending IM messages and texting back and forth, conjuring plot lines and perils to send our hero and heroine through.  To say the least, the story writing was absolute fun.

I think our co-workers thought we were nuts or didn't take our unlikely pairing seriously, but the hard work and silliness has paid off.  Our baby is published.  The characters that we now know better than our closest relatives are alive in the world of published fiction.  We've had a few sales over the past few days which is like candy coated raindrops to us.  Just knowing that someone other than us and our editor is hopefully enjoying the roller coaster ride we've written is it's own reward.  Though, we won't take much of a break, we're elbow deep into book two.  Book one was a sweet ride though.

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